Visit - 009/HOn30 Newton Halt by Andrew McMahon and Sheila Perry

Photographer Unknown


Creativity at its best -  Newton Halt by Andrew McMahon and Sheila Perry. Cramped spaces make for spectacular exhibition model railroads. reports this 009/HOn30 layout - set in the inter-war period - won the Narrow Gauge Competition at the Chelmsford Model Railway Exhibition

Details to note

  •  Artful valance painted to match skirts
  •  Tasteful valance support (white/blue turned wood)
  •  Two separate skirts that match the fascia
  •  Excellent portable lighting

Also of note is the fiddle yard to facilitate operations.

Exhibition layouts of this sort send me into seventh heaven - how much better off would the American model railroad community be if those with limited resources would tackle a layout such as this rather than talk of "someday, maybe"?

The only discordant note on this model railroad are stckers applied to denote either awards or attendance from prior shows. Yes, being invited to a show is a mark of pride in Europe - some remuneration is also attached to such participation. Gasoline prices in Europe what they are, it seems only fair to award an honorarium to exhibitors such as these.

By the way, I believe the Brits use the word "halt" as we would "stop" or "station"