Visit - Oahu Cane Field 32 and Honouliuli POW Camp in Fn3 (1:20.3)

Copyright 2019 Nicholas Kalis
Floating benchwork allows white wainscoting of home to be visible.


Cane Field 32 is made from a broom whose bristles were cut and then painted green at their top. Natural color of bristle was purposely allowed to remain unpainted.

Backdrop painted by Katherine S. Kalis on sheet styrene.

POW Camp is a black and white photograph printed out on my computer printer and then
colorized with Dark Brown (PB-88) and Olive Green (PM-26)Prismacolor markers. It was then glued on to my painted styrene backdrop.

To learn more read "A Simple Approach to Photographic Backgrounds"
by Nicholas Kalis Published in Narrow Gauge Downunder


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