Research - Weight Station - Oahu Sugar Company - Your Blogger Replicated this in Fn3 (1:20.3 scale)

Photographer Unknown


Weight Station - Oahu Sugar Company

Roof appears to be rusted corrugated steel. Notice there is a wooden awning over the door (door frame is likely painted white). The roof has a half-round gutter with straps. The warning sign - set at a height above an average man's stature - is illegible except for top row which we must suppose reads "No". No window is apparent in the photograph.
Corners are painted white. A good guess is that the structure is otherwise painted red.
Note the vent painted white that is visible on the side of the structure facing the photographer.

Notice also that the building seems to be resting on top of the soil rather than embedded in the ground (see corner).

Don't overlook the worker in the photo - notice: bib overalls, hat, shoes, rolled-up sleeves, holding something in his right hand, and tan. It would be great to model him just as he appears in the photo.