Essay - Love at First Sight - 1958


I appear in the October 28 2958 Daily News alongside the last trolley of New York City. The photos appeared with other photos that appeared collected together in the middle of the newspaper - sort of a trademark feature of the Daily News. Art Whitaker picked me as his model as my family was well known. My dad operated Pete's Luncheonette at 59th Street and Second Avenue and surely one of the customers directed Whitaker to our place of business. Notice the prop - the model airplane. I got to keep the model as my reward for posing.

This trolley ran over the 59th Street Bridge immortalized by Simon and Garfunkel. The trolley car line lasted so long as it was about the only way that this disadvantaged could get to Welfare Island for medical care. Riders would disembark from the trolley in the middle of the bridge and remarkably take a elevator down to Welfare Island (now christened as "Roosevelt Island").

Now the island is served by a bridge from Queens and a gondola system seen in the Spiderman Movie.

This trolley has been severely damaged by outside storage at the destination museum.

See below a model of same trolley … may not be
the same number

Photograph found on the internet. Modeler Unknown.
Photograph is useful for depicting the color scheme of this
trolley line - that is rarely photographed or filmed in color -
most shots are in black and white