Visit - Kipapa, Oahu Army Airfield - Modeled as Fence, Vehicles, Palm Trees and Backdrop

Photo 1 Copyright 2020 Nicholas Kalis

Photo 2 Copyright 2019 Nicholas Kalis

Photo 3 Photographer Unknown


General Approach

Kipapa, Oahu - While a model of this airfield could not fit into this confined space it was suggested/modeled by using these six features: a roughly HO scale fence, HO commercial vehicles, palm trees, road, road signs (speed limit and railroad crossing) and backdrop. 


Airfield fence is scratchbuilt in HO scale. Military vehicles are HO scale (1:87). 0-4-0 Locomotive is Fn3 (1:20.3) with custom rub-on lettering applied. Fascia is ¼” Neatform Bendy MDF (Rockler Item # 27827) painted to match color of finished basement walls. Bendy MDF comes in 24” x 48” bendable sheets manufactured in United Kingdom. Brown vinyl rub on lettering has been applied to explain to viewers just what they are seeing.

Palm trees (Photo 1) are commercial product that has been brush painted by layout owner. Some bushes are scratch built of twine by the layout owner.

A soldier is standing near one of the palm trees.

Asphalt road - scratchbuilt from sheet styrene and then painted - narrows as it reaches backdrop so to give a forced perspective. Some cracks have been drawn using a fine tip black marker. Visitors seem impressed by this perspective "trick".


Katherine Sophia Kalis used this black and white photograph (Photo 3)  to paint my styrene backdrop and inspire this scene.