Project - Fascia Added to Gary Eames' O scale (1:48) layout

Copyright 2019 Nicholas Kalis


In 2019, I helped modeler Gary Eames add this grey fascia to his 1:48 layout located in his basement. This fascia is sheet styrene painted with a rattle can of auto primer - we painted out of doors for safety's sake. The styrene came from a 4 x8 sheet I had purchased for other purposes. When I asked Gary if he would like us to apply a finish coat of paint to this fascia, his reply was that he was satisfied with the color - so was I.

Gary has been a generous host to various model railroad groups. One notable open house was for the Potomac Division of the Mid East Region of the NMRA. On November 19th 2017 visitors were treated to an up front view of Gary's Northern Central Branch. This line was absorbed by the Pennsylvania Railroad.