Visit - Sugar Cane Claw in a 1:50 scene - Northwest Dragline Model 25-D by Spec Cast

Copyright 2020 Nicholas Kalis


While I model in Fn3 (1:20.3), this scene is 1:50 in an effort to employ reduced scale. This term may seem odd as most model railroad authors would call this forced perspective. Yet, forced perspective is really a different animal.

The crane is a 1:50 scale Northwest Dragline Model 25-D by SpecCast it was produced for the 2009 Toy Truck'n Construction Show - a modeler and collector convention - as their show model. It is of die-cast metal construction. Incidentally, it was a hard to find item.

I replaced the original bucket with a O scale logging claw from Model Tech Studios. Model Tech Studios performed the weathering on this Item Number ODCLAW. Another example of how a model railroad can only be built with compromises. Until I get the chance to scratch build a perfect claw, this one will serve as a stand-in - and one that no visitor has ever complained about.

The sugar cane was modeled by de-constructing an imported hand broom. The tops of the straw were painted green. I then planted the straw into the pink foam landscape.

The backdrop is made of ten foot long sheet styrene. Backdrop painted by Katherine S. Kalis. Notice some trees on the horizon.